cal hankerman at one heck show desk

Hey, I'm Cal.


A few years ago my girlfriend decided to jump into my arms while I was sitting on the couch. Her enormous thighs landed on my tiny diaphragm and knocked the breath out of me. Everything in sight turned blue and I was dying. It started as a cute idea, but turned to be deadly. She kept apologizing during my final moments, but for me, it was hilarious. I didn't die, but I decided in that moment I'll make people laugh.

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm a local comedian and show host who hopes to make people laugh on every continent except Taiwan. I'm a chicken-nugget-eating machine who plays a mean 80's style keytar and wears hats too big for my head. I have a voice for hosting and radio. My only goal is to promoting talent and great ideas. Hopefully, I'll see you at a show or work with you on some project.

Projects & Accomplishments


Graduate of Full Sail University, Founder of The Tally Show, The Cal Show, Featured on BuzzFeed, Published recording artist, Host of One Heck of A Show.

Current Projects

Sol Chemistry Band


An eclectic musical collaboration of jazz, blues and funk under the leadership of Manager Paolo and Musical Director Benji.

One Heck of A Show

Show Host & Founder

Orlando's late night talk show that entertains, educates, and promotes musicians, artists, ideas and community leaders.

The Tally Show

Founder & CEO

The Tally Show is a platform to showcase Tallahassee’s premiere talent. We focus on talented artists in several fields who have not been nationally exposed yet.

Let's Work...

If you have a concept or event that you think Cal would be best for, drop a line and tell us all about it.